I want to help you fire your boss…

Hi! Albie here again. Today, I want to help you to fire your boss! There are four keys to help you, so let’s get started.  . To begin, go ahead and check out my new video about it. I know for a long time I wanted to “fire my boss” too! The fact is, It … Read more

Howling wind and sailing

Hi! Albie here again. So what does “howling wind and sailing” say to you? Just the thought of it drives fear into me. So for starters, I’m going to show you now how to examine and tame your fear both while out at sea and when trying to navigate fear in your life (or even to … Read more

Magical Me & My Magical Experience

Hi! This is Albie. Some things in life just seem completely magical. And that’s why firstly, I want to share with you the magical experience I had in San Diego! However,  I secondly want to point something out. On the other hand, you know, as I do, that “magical” is the last word on earth you … Read more

Survival guide in the wilderness

Hi! This is Albie. Here’s a survival guide in the wilderness for you (and for surviving regular life too). . The key to survival is understanding what you will need right now, what you will need later and finally what can wait. . For instance, one of the things you need right away to survive … Read more

Sailing Activity: Trip to Paradise Cove

This afternoon’s sailing activity will be sailing to Malibu: “44 Miles to Paradise Cove” I call it. Here’s a live example trip and also some tips on earning online from wherever your travels take you! One afternoon I set out in my 22′ Columbia sailboat for Malibu. . I was guessing that it might take … Read more

How to achieve your dreams and goals

So today, I want to help you achieve your dreams and goals. For the last few weeks, I’ve been working on practical things to help YOU to succeed online. . That’s why this video below will show you some of the things I’ve been working on to help you.  . Watch this video above! Hi! … Read more

Who We Are

Who We Are At Travel the World and Work Online, we are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of all visitors to our web site. In particular, we want you to know that TraveltheWorldandWorkOnline.com is not in the business of selling, renting or trading email lists with other companies and businesses for marketing purposes. … Read more