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About Albie and Working from Home.

WELCOME! Albie is from Pasadena, California and his business partner Elizabeta lives in Macedonia. This post is all about Albie and working at home and how we can help you succeed at this.


As you can see Albie loves sailing and is often found out at sea sailing from San Pedro to Catalina island. Let me share with you about Albie’s story: So basically back in 2012 is when he first started learning how to make money online. I’m not sure when you first started, if you’re new to this or been at this a long time also. Honestly, Albie worked 12 hour days, and perhaps you’ve been working just as hard. Albie spent thousands of dollars on business opportunities and courses and virtually made nothing at all. Maybe you can relate to that experience.


After 40 different business and still no success, Albie’s thoughts on this were that if you just begin a business but don’t learn these crucial skills, you will not have success. Not only that but throughout all the business ventures Albie participated in, not one of them taught him these specific skills. We honestly don’t want you to have to go through the same pain we had and want to make the path easier for you. Here Albie wants to help you learn the 5 Critical Skills and how these skills are going to help YOU begin earning consistently online and eventually begin traveling the world. Go here to see more about Albie and working from home.


This has now become our goal to help all those we come into contact with begin to learn these important skills. We also want to share our love for travel and encourage you to get out and explore your world too.

You can see more about Albie’s primary business here and how you can begin earning online too.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, we want to hear from you! We’re here for you personally!

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PS: Albie wants to help you succeed working online and travel the world! So please contact us and leave comments!

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