How to save money in business

how to save money with your business
wind-swept money

Hi! Albie here again. To begin with, let me share some ways

how to save money in business. In addition, I will be sharing

tips on saving money with your affiliate business too.


First of all, to save money in your business, find a business that’s been around for a long time and makes a good profit. Make sure it also has

a useful product.

In a word, the reason for this is that you are buying a business that has

been proven over timeWhat’s more, if you can buy a product

wholesale (the lowest price, usually bought in bulk to reduce

the price) and then sell it retail (the highest price to the final

consumer), then you will make a profit. That is unless your

advertising or shipping costs eat up your profits.

These are all pretty standard business practices. 


In addition, if you’re creating your own product or reselling,

make sure that what you’re selling attracts many customers

from a specific niche; has a good margin of profit, and is a

useful item or service for customers. You can search all

of these things by simply doing a Google search. Of course,

there are advanced methods too (which you can also learn from

Google or YouTube)


how to save money with your business


To explain, let me share a real-life story.

This will also help you know how to save money

in business.

For instance, once you see all the mistakes I made

and how I lost so much money, you will be sure

to learn some valuable lessons. 


Basically, back in 2012, I started trying to make money

on the Internet. I had a really hard time actually.

Over the next five years, I went through over 40 different

affiliate business opportunities and spent around

ten thousand dollars in total expenses. That’s what I call

wind-swept money (lol!)


As you can imagine, I spent all that time,

effort, and money, and still didn’t save much money

with my business or have much success.

So, you might be asking what exactly was the problem.

You might also ask: “Do you mean to say that out of 40 different

businesses, not one worked?” Well, you will see as you

read further!


Secondly, If you want to make and save money

in business, find a good business mentor.

In short, finding a mentor wasn’t easy. For instance,
It wasn’t until 2018 that I met a seven-figure income
earner and mentor inside the Power Lead System (PLS)
that changed everything for me. I will explain how in
just a minute.
Furthermore, if you want to save a lot of time and money,
then I don’t mind helping you and being a coach for you too.
You can, of course, email me (my email is at the bottom
of this page) and find out more and what we
do to help our team from there. 

Thirdly, If you want to save a lot of money, then

learn real marketing skills.

At any rate, my mentor taught me a few real marketing
skills and it had a profound effect. But in contrast,
with most of the other businesses that I joined,
I didn’t learn much. I can’t say it was a complete
waste of time and money as I learned what “not to do”!
Again you might ask: “So do you mean that out of 40
different affiliate businesses, not one taught you effective
marketing skills?”
Yes, that’s correct. As I said, I did learn some things, but
nothing that was powerful enough to help me go
full-time working it.
Undoubtedly, if you’re hearing things like “it’s all done
for you” or “you don’t have to DO anything to succeed”
then you can usually tell that this is not a place where learning
is a priority. There’s also a chance this business is
a complete dead end.

Surprisingly, there is a place for a “done for you”

affiliate business but only if it’s just a place to start.


Above all, if you’re not growing and learning, then you know this

business is not going to help take you anywhere. You will not

save money this way (as you will waste it spending on

this business each month).

"Success is the natural consequence of consistently 
applying basic fundamentals."  Jim Rohn

With this in mind, let’s identify what these marketing skills are.


Eventually, I learned what we now call the 5 Critical Skills.
1. The first of these skills is effective advertising.
2. The second of these skills are “effective ad creation.
3. Putting these two skills together allows you to build an 

"effective email list". This is important in having a base 

of potential customers always coming in.

4. The fourth skill iseffective communication and
this is highly important if you want to create
“know like and trust” and turn your subscribers
into customers.
5. The fifth skill is "understanding funnels and marketing". 

This is a bit complicated to go into but needless to say, the basics of it 

have already been covered in Skills 1- 4. 


In short, if you don’t learn the skills, then working online

will only cost you more and more money.


Without a doubt, you’re wondering why? Well, the answer is simple.

Learning real skills, allows you to have real results!


Equally important, just believing what some gurus say that

“you will have success” and achieve great things without it, will

eventually cost you a lot of time and money

in fruitless business ventures. If you want to know how

to save money in business, then take the time to learn

real skills and don’t take the “easy path” most people take. 


Lastly, may I give you a suggestion?

Undoubtedly, there are many options that you can take.
Let me share with you a strategy that will show you how
to ultimately save money in business.
So this strategy at first cost me a little more money
but now saves me money every month and helps me to
earn higher and higher commissions. I get much better
returns on it than I do with businesses that cost me much less.
Also, it pays me much higher returns than the cost of
business and also what advertising costs me. Of course, I
can’t guarantee that you will earn income for many reasons.
One of these reasons is that we don’t know your work ethic
(if you will work to get monthly, residual sales or not).
Honestly, I’ve been around so many affiliate businesses
and know exactly what makes a good one from a bad one.
Without a doubt, my strategy is to have a strong business
(like the Power Lead System) that helps you potentially double,
triple, and even quadruple your earnings.
What’s more, the Power Lead System (PLS) is the only system
that has all the tools in one place that I need to teach my
team these critical skills. You may not understand the
value of this but I personally use PLS, every single day
because of its awesome tools.

All in all, these are the three main affiliate businesses

that I earn from:

To summarize, these businesses are: Global domains
International (GDI), the Prosperity Marketing System
(PMS) and the Power Lead System (PLS).
As a matter of fact, each of these three businesses
have been around a long time and have their own
unique advantages.
For instance, GDI has advantages in that it has a
lot of leverage and I use this to create huge teams.
On the other hand, PMS has advantages in that
you’re able to use this platform as a “done for you
funnel“, add 16 other affiliate links in here, your
own training and email your subscriber list 5 levels
down. On top of this, it has a very reasonable rate
and is affordable to almost anyone in the world.
how to save money with your business.
Still, it might interest you that the Power Lead
System (PLS) is my highest income earner. This is
because of its amazing commission structure
that allows you to earn up to $1000 with
a single sale.
Furthermore, millionaire Frank Calabro Jr.
(who is recognized inside PLS every week on the
leaderboard), helped create a new program inside
that allows you to try out the whole PLS system
for only $1. This is massive! 
Not only that but you now have access to the most
complete “done for you system” I’ve ever seen.
As I said earlier, it’s a good place to start. But
most importantly, you will have access to some
excellent marketing training and the tools to grow
your business bigger and bigger. 
What’s more, it’s easy to follow and you don’t even
have to pay to get the setup training! Everyone can
duplicate this system (endless levels down).

In particular, if you’re going to join an affiliate business,

join one that has all the right tools and that has an

outstanding compensation plan.

So, if you take this little piece of advice, then you
will know how to save money with your business. In
addition, you will be able to earn well each time you
make a sale. But if you overlook this, then you might
find yourself in a business where the cost of doing
business (such as the cost of inventory or advertising)
will take up most of your profits.

To be sure, this is an invitation to find out more…

Finally, this is your chance to start an affiliate business
on the right foot. If that wasn’t all, just email me
and I will personally help you learn the same
skills I was taught using PLS.
In summary, I wish everyone knew the immense value
and earning power this strategy gives you! If your
ultimate strategy is to know how to save money with your
business (and to make money!), please don’t let this slip by.
It’s important to realize how close you are to changing your life! 
Check it out here!.

Most importantly, after you get started, just simply email me back

with “Albie please help me ” and I definitely will. 




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