Howling wind and sailing

Hi! Albie here again. So what does “howling wind and sailing” say to you? Just the thought of it drives fear into me. So for starters, I’m going to show you now how to examine and tame your fear both while out at sea and when trying to navigate fear in your life (or even to understand such things as a good online business from a scam one).


wind and sailing

Firstly, in life inexperience allows fear to exist.

Howling wind while sailing at sea is the first thing that makes me begin worrying.

In short, my sailboat was going very fast through the water. I was a little bit scared because

the sails were pulling the boat hard …in fact much too hard. As you can imagine, I was afraid

something would break. Furthermore, back then my inexperience in sailing was the reason for my

fear. As a result, I didn’t understand the concept of pulling more sail down as the wind increased.

For example, all I had to do was take the jib down and the boat would have eased off and glided
through the water as if on a lovely day. But I didn’t know that back then. Of course,
the reason I know that now is because of going through these experiences.

Secondly, fear can cause you to jump to conclusions.

For instance, there’s something eerie about sailing into an incoming gale.

If howling wind and sailing aren’t enough, try adding

huge waves to that equation!

Maybe you can feel the sense of foreboding and fear? Imagining how big the waves

were going to be! Wondering if you were going to be able to have the skill to navigate through

the waves successfully. Consequently, fearing that something would go wrong (such as the

sails getting ripped or losing the keel) and finding the whole boat being tipped upside down,

flooding with water. Of course, all these things have happened in real life which is why your

mind wants to believe and focus on the worst-case scenario happening. But fear is

always like that. It always jumps to conclusions without seeing if the facts are

validated or not.


wind and sailing

So, the facts support “not freaking out”.

Howling wind and sailing was just the beginning of all of this.

Fear will cause you to skip the facts.

In fact, I’ve been through over 35 storms at sea and only one was much worse
then I imagined.

So what does that tell you? It tells me that only one out of 35 was equal to my fear!

As for me, I always look for the facts first before I let my imagination run wild. As a result, many people

never allow themselves to control this aspect of their minds. They let their worst fears dictate to
them what will happen and then act accordingly, often falling into panic.
At sea, panic is just as deadly as the ocean itself.

I agree that the worst possible scenario should be examined for its possible occurrence.
But usually, in finding the facts for this, the facts do not support it. For instance,
I often would sail on a day when I knew a storm was coming.
And I would sail from point A to point B looking for what the wind and
sea were telling me.

Thirdly, it’s important to carefully examine the facts.

Before you let the howling wind and sailing get to you, examine what’s

really happening out there!

To sum up, each step was a small step so I could turn around.

The most important thing was turning around as soon as you knew

that the facts were against you. But 90% of the time this never happened.

To clarify, fear just loves to play with your mind!

 Most importantly, on the ocean, waves don’t just become 30 feet high in a few minutes.
It takes time for the wind to build the waves higher and higher.

And during this time you can see how hard the wind is driving and if the
wave size is increasing or not.

In other words, this is called testing things out for yourself.

You can deal with the howling wind and sailing as long as you know the rules.

As you can imagine, the one thing you don’t want to do is get yourself in a position where

it’s too late to turn around. And again this shouldn’t happen if you are watching
the signs around you. I mean, even a normal forecast can give you some
guidance in this area. If, for instance, the forecast foretells 20-foot seas, then I would not
want to go out sailing if the storm was already underway.

So, why am I sharing all this with you?

Well, there are significant correlations between life, working online, and

sailing at sea.

Think about the opposite of howling wind and sailing.

For instance, the first is that sometimes people get it the other way around.
Instead of seeing their greatest fears, they see their greatest dreams coming true.
And this is the whole point of a marketing sales page. Its main goal is to pull out

your emotions and then attempt to verify them with facts. Of course, this can be good or bad.

Similarly, unless you’ve been through a lot of opportunities, it’s hard to tell if something
is a scam or not from off the surface. Sometimes the only way is to take the
free trial and see what you find. Honestly, it’s hard to say you’re going to
earn right away – even with legit companies. But at least you’ll know
whether someone’s lying to you or not.




Fourthly, don’t take people’s word for it, find out yourself!

So, when you’re sailing on the ocean you have to realize that the forecast can often
be wrong and so the only way to really tell for sure is to actually
get out there and see what is really happening.

Above all, I always take small steps from point A to B and judge the conditions as

I’m going. And that’s what you should do with any business that you join online.
Similarly, take small steps and watch for what is happening. If a sales page says

for example, “We get sales every day without any trouble“ then I would
be looking for fast results right away.

Moreover, I can already tell that this business would be a scam just by how it’s worded.
Sometimes you get into a business to accomplish your greatest dreams
and instead it becomes your biggest nightmare
. And this is again
because people aren’t watching the signs.

Lastly, you need real skills to survive at sea, in life, AND in working on the internet too!

So, what was promised? What is really happening? These are the things you should
be looking for. I can tell you with all honesty that after being through
40 different businesses online, there are real skills that need to be
learned before you start having success.
 You can learn these
step by step and in time!

In short, that’s why real skills have to be learned so you can navigate past the things that
make other businesses lose their potential. I may be talking over your head
right now but I hope you get the gist of what I’m saying.

Anyway, all this is to say, is that I’m tired of seeing people struggling without
knowing the real keys that will make them successful. 

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