I want to help you fire your boss…

Hi! Albie here again. Today, I want to help you to fire your boss!

There are four keys to help you, so let’s get started. 


To begin, go ahead and check out my new video about it.

I know for a long time I wanted to “fire my boss” too!

The fact is, It wasn’t until 2019 that I finally was able to.
And it felt good, I can tell you!

Of course, I’m not sure what you do for work. I used to be a teacher for twenty years.

I loved it but at the same time, I always wanted to be able to travel more

and go places with my family that I wasn’t able to do

because of my job. Maybe you can identify with me?

So how can I help you fire your boss?

So what’s the solution to finally being able to work for yourself? 

Here are four keys to help you:

1) Firstly you need to make sure you work on your

business every day.

Even if it means you only get 10 minutes in, just

make sure it’s a habit. Once you have succeeded in making a habit

of working on your business, then you have the ability

to continue learning the skills you need to learn and grow

to become the person you need to become.

2) Secondly, if you want to fire your boss, you

need to learn the skills that will change your life

working online. These are called the 5 Critical Skills.

I will personally help you understand each of these

skills one at a time and help you begin to master them when you join

our team. It only costs a dollar to begin, so don’t let money get in

your way of starting today and learning what these valuable skills are!

You can start here and learn everything you need to know.

3) The next thing you need to work on is personal


Not only do you need to know how to make money but what to

do with it once you have it.

Truthfully, many people lose their money as fast as they got it. Why?

It’s because they don’t understand business, how to keep their money,

and how to make it grow.

4) Fourthly, if you want me to help you fire your boss,

you need a company that has a strong commission structure.

This will enable you to earn up to $1000 per customer, and a high monthly

residual commission too.

How I can help you fire your boss

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I mean, even if you understand all the skills and can succeed at getting new

sales every day… but if you only make small commissions, then you won’t earn much.

That’s why it’s so important to have a strong company that opens the door

for you to earn high-ticket items regularly (once your skill level is equal to the task).

Now the Power Leads System’s brand-new funnel has the
capabilities to help you quit your job.

That’s why you’ve GOT to see this.

Basically, to sum things up, you need a powerful story to
wake people up to the reality that firing your boss is a valid option.
Then you need a powerful system that can really bring
in leads and income for you.

And as you know, I always have to add the disclaimer
that there is no guarantee of income. But as I always say,
the right actions bring about the right results.

As you can imagine, I really want you to hear my coach Anastacia
share her story with you. You will be encouraged and inspired
that perhaps some of your dreams can come true also! 

So, if you want to hear more about this awesome funnel PLS
has put together, then simply watch my video above.
Otherwise, check out Anastacia’s story here:

Go here now to hear how Anastacia fired her boss <==

Maybe you have questions for me?
Just simply reply back with “share with me more” and let’s talk!

I look forward to meeting you!



How I can help you fire your boss

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