Magical Me & My Magical Experience

Hi! This is Albie. Some things in life just seem completely magical. And that’s why firstly, I want to share with you the magical experience I had in San Diego!

However,  I secondly want to point something out. On the other hand,
you know, as I do, that “magical” is the last word on earth
you would use to describe certain experiences.
I’m sure you know what I mean!


However, this trip was definitely “magical”. During that time, you can see my dog and me viewing

a lit-up riverboat passing us in the bay. Just so you understand, my dog and I were watching the

riverboat pass us as we sat and watched it on our kayak. You see, we were halfway across the bay when

it passed us.

Moreover, a “magical experience” takes real work to create.

For instance, when I think about some of the “magical experiences” in my life
(such as earning sales online, one right after the next
without any stopping) 
well, I know that setting the stage for that
event took a lot of work. And certainly, that work didn’t seem
all that magical (lol!).


On the other hand, kayaking with my dog Kiba on mission beach in
San Diego yesterday, felt like a pretty magical experience. For instance, my dog just
walked into the water right up to the bow of the kayak and looked at me
saying: “hey we gonna do this or what?” (haha!) and then jumped aboard!

As you may have guessed, I had been expecting a bit of a workout getting him

aboard with the whole plan!



So, did we have a nice time? Certainly! And watching the sunset over the water with my cute dog

(lying so happy up at the bow of the boat) was part of my magical experience too!

Meanwhile, I was now busy rowing my dog Kiba and me all around Mission Bay.

Moreover, here’s another magical experience for you.

After that, my dog and I kayaked all around Mission Bay and stopped when
we got across to each island or beach that we had made it to.  Subsequently, we
took little walks as we went. It was really fun – especially kayaking
past the fire pits in the sand. On top of that, I also enjoyed watching the beautiful
fiery glow of the sun setting over the bay. Furthermore, hearing little fires crackle in the
night air (as we glided past in our kayak over the cool water) was nice too!

A magical experience is heightened by good and bad times. 

To sum up, life comes with its good parts and its bad parts, and
all the stuff in between. The thing that’s important to realize
is that the better you do with the “in-between parts” and
the bad parts, the more magical the good times feel! 

In addition, working online can be a magical experience too.

Of course, when you see something “magical” (like an “awesome
opportunity” to make money online) and join (with this delusion
that you’ll make a million bucks before the years out) then

misconceptions like this often lead nowhere.

Certainly, I’m sure you would agree that delusions are not “magical” (lol!)

But then reality sets in and you find you have to work really hard
to get anywhere.
This grind becomes part of the “in-between stuff”
that’s not all that exciting. But hard work is the opposite of a delusion

and makes dreams come true. Essentially, work and vision create this “magic”!

I mean, if you doubt me, ask Walt Disney.

On the other hand, when the bad times come (like making no sales at all despite
all your hard work) this is there to test you – believe me. I mean, what else are
you gonna call all these negative experiences? To clarify, I would say they are

like the “bugs and birds” trying to “eat your crop” (if you see what I mean).

This is definitely not a magical experience! 


As you can see, the sunset was beautiful tonight on the water.

Above all, don’t let life steal your magical moments.

For example, life always tests you. That is to say, life is always presenting situations before you
to see how you react. Moreover, you can take it with stride and let it wash
over you like a duck in water, or on the other hand, you can let it steal all the magical
moments in your future (and get angry and rage out against it).

(Certainly, I’m preaching at myself here haha!)



Most importantly, you’re a part of the magic. 

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I’m sure you remember hearing “teamwork makes the dream work”!

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Talk to you soon.






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