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Hi! Albie here again. So, I don’t think anyone here would dispute

that SEO is the TRAFFIC GIANT. Nevertheless, how many of you who want to

understand online advertising and marketing, will learn the skills to take your

business five levels higher


Learning SEO (Search Engine Optimization) through
Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Let me introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate.

To begin with, let me introduce you to Wealthy Affiliate or what I call “the master

program in learning and implementing online advertising, marketing and SEO.”

With this in mind, a few months ago I upgraded to Wealthy Affiliate (WA) just to see
what they provided and how much about advertising, traffic, and SEO I could learn.

Having said that, I’ve actually been a free member with them for years and knew that
they had excellent training in affiliate marketing but I had no
idea what I had been missing (some major stuff!).

Wealthy Affiliate gives you a free website!

Basically, WA gives you an excellent website as a paid member (in fact, not only one but

up to ten or more websites!)

Subsequently, each one comes with an infinite amount of subdomains. Not only that but also

each website can be connected with every single plugin available to a WordPress
website (this is impressive in itself as this is expensive to buy even
one or two of these on one’s own).

In addition, if you have a problem with your website, setting something up, or if there

is something not working right, forget about having to spend hours (and sometimes even days)

to figure it out on your own! In fact, all you have to do is connect with WA website support

and they fix it as fast as possible (my experience was that they fixed it within the hour!)

Without any doubt, I thought this was remarkable and I’m not afraid to say how impressed

I am with WA! As if this was not enough, I have more. Second, they have the

most awesome step-by-step training on understanding advertising, marketing, and SEO

that I’ve ever seen. And I’ve looked around (the others are very expensive).


Compare four of the top SEO tool providers besides Wealthy Affiliate:

They are Semrush, Trajectdata, SE Ranking & Zutrix)

1) Semrush is probably the most famous as it is used by big companies to do very competitive SEO.

They currently have three standard monthly subscriptions:

Pro:  $119.95Guru: $229.95 & Business: $449.95.
2) Trajectdata: 1st 1000 Searches FREE; Optional Cloud Delivery; Subscription · $500 / Month.

3) SE Ranking: $39 month, $87.20 month & $191.20
4) Zutrix: $9 per month, $28 per month & $54 per month.


To be fair, Wealthy Affiliate uses Jaxxy as its online SEO tool. So if you’re comparing apples

with apples, then you have to compare Jaxxy against the other four SEO tool providers. If

you compare Jaxxy on its own then here are the things  say about it:

"Jaxxy or SEMRush – Which One is Right for You?

Jaxxy targets beginners in content creation who would like to get noticed. It is a tool for 
those who would like to see their rankings in real-time. Affiliate marketers looking for 
affiliate programs and people who want to begin with domain names from the scratch 
would also find Jaxxy useful.

On the other hand, SEMRush targets people who are keen on crushing their competition. 
It is a tool for advanced affiliate marketers who desire increasing their traffic and SEO firms 
looking for data from the web."*

*This article taken from

With Wealthy Affiliate, you get Jaaxy PLUS a lot more

for the same price.

The fact remains, however, that for about half the price of Semrush, you get access to a

ton of amazing benefits that can help you become an amazing marketer. But just in case

you don’t understand me,  I think that what Semrush offers is pretty cool too – especially

if I needed to crush my competition.

In truth, If you notice, all of these tools listed above are expensive apart from

Zutrix’s $9 and $28 membership. To clarify, even though Zutrix is affordable,

understand that these prices are just SEO tools for keyword research alone

and don’t include things that Wealthy Affiliate gives you such as websites, plugins, website

support and setup, SEO training*, a huge base of members that you can connect with,

or coaching and help from successful marketers.


In my opinion, if you want to really understand online advertising and marketing, 

you’re going to need help – and lots of it! And that’s why I’m so biased toward having

an upgraded Wealthy Affiliate membership. It’s GOING to give you everything

you need to succeed.

*There may be some online tools that have SEO trainings.

In light of this, here are more benefits Wealthy Affiliate gives you:

So, not only does WA have excellent training (starting from newbie up to advanced)

but also are there to answer all your questions about it too!

In fact, I’ve written to the owner of WA twice and got two fast responses
(within a day). Not only was his advice good, but it was also excellent and
came with a link to full training on the subject. And this happened
both times I had questions.

Wealthy Affiliate’s amazing network can help you with your marketing.

Above all, I would also be completely remiss, not to mention their amazing network of

thousands of like-minded affiliates you can chat with on WA’s platform. Not only this but also

you can network with other members to get comments and support when writing blog posts
(which will help your marketing and SEO significantly).

Without a doubt, I could go on and on. But before I stop, I need at least to mention two

more things.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you access to Jaxxy.

In short, Jaxxy is an excellent SEO tool that helps you identify and understand keywords that you

need before you start writing your blog post or web article. To be sure, this would cost at

least $100 a month (from other companies with similar tools). Surprisingly,

WA is not even half of that!


Finally, I want to mention WA’s awesome compensation plan!

So, as an upgraded member, you earn 50%. Each sale can become a monthly paying

residual check! This is awesome and comes even with a special fully paid trip to

Los Vegas each year if you produce great results (see WA for more details).

All things considered, I honestly can’t think of anything as so helpful and beneficial to one’s
online business as this. The only thing I want to add to this is that learning SEO opens the

door to a huge (if not endless) amount of traffic and advertising from Google,

Bing, and Yahoo for your business. As always, you have to actually go through the training

and learn marketing (like anything else) if you want to eventually succeed at

getting this type of traffic.

Above all, working hard opens the door to success with your

online advertising. 

Honestly, no matter what you do, you always have to work hard to get online advertising and

to have success working online. To put it another way, it’s the same with everything in life except

for the wonderful things God gives each of us for free (we just need to maintain them).

Most importantly, I hope this encourages you to take a look at Wealthy Affiliate
(even as a free member) and see what the excitement is all about! 

You can see more about their upgraded plan here
(as well as join them for free and see what that includes).

Equally important, if you have a question, just ask it or simply reply
back to this email with the subject line: “Share with me more.” and I will!

Talk to you soon!



REQUIRED EARNINGS DISCLOSURE: We cannot guarantee that you will be able to generate
any income amount as this is based on work ethic, persistence, and possibly your skill set.
Participation in anything mentioned in this email is at your own risk.




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