Survival guide in the wilderness

Hi! This is Albie. Here’s a survival guide in the wilderness for you

(and for surviving regular life too).


The key to survival is understanding what you will need right now, what you will need later and finally what can wait.


For instance, one of the things you need right away to survive is water. Of course, food comes next, and then shelter. For example, here’s a pic from of 8 things they suggest that you’ll need: 


In effect, this guide will help you understand how to survive in the wilderness.

On top of that, it will also give you some understanding of how to survive 

anywhere. Finally, it will help you wherever you call ‘home’ as you travel

around the world.


So, one of the first things you need to do is find where your water

source will come from.


Basically, water flows downhill (thanks to gravity), so looking at the bottom

of a valley, ravine or other low place is a good place to find water. In addition, listening to the sound of water will help you too. Once you find a river,

lake, or another water source, make sure to boil the water if you have any

doubt that it’s not clean. And just because it looks clean, doesn’t mean it is!


In the event that you find water, the second thing you need to worry

about is where your main food source will come from.


At this point, think about where you could fish, or hunt. Are there any natural

food sources around? In any event, think of berries if all else fails. You can

go here to see what berries may be good and bad.** Equally important is

realizing that hunting will give you more successful early in the morning or in

the evening (if you’re hunting deer).


In addition, here is a resource you can go to investigate more things you

can find and eat in the wild. Also, here is a pic of some food sources too.

As always, please investigate them more thoroughly and ask a

professional to help you before eating.**


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Eventually, when you have your water and food source figured out, build

your home somewhere near both of these areas so you won’t have to go

far to find either. 


At this point, it’s time for a quick question. Have you ever been alone by

yourself with only a handful of things on you to survive?

In a word, yes I have. And maybe you have too. But don’t think you need
to go to that level to understand survival in life or even survival earning from
the internet. Let me explain:
As an illustration, I’m not sure if you’ve seen the show “Alone” on the History
channel. If so then maybe you know what I’m talking about! It’s about how ten
people are dropped off in a very remote area of the world and have to
survive with only ten things that they bring along.


The thing is, it wasn’t only for a week or two but for however long it took
for everyone but the winner to drop out from starvation. Of course, it may also be
from ill health, fear of death, or whatever else makes them call out.
In contrast, this reminds me of working online? Why? Because survival is
It doesn’t matter if you’re in the remotest part of the world or the middle of
New York City. 
To sum up, no matter what, you need water, food, and shelterto survive.
And to acquire these things you need these. Not only will these help you find
water, food and shelter but they will help you obtain money or whatever else
it is you need also:
  1. Skills
  2. Tools 
  3. Work 
  4. Good sense 
  5. Persistence 

For instance, one of the things you notice about watching the show Alone is

that everyone used their skills and tools they brought to build the best home

they could make. Using only wood, branches, rock, and dirt, to build their house,

they then built a fire and created a fishing pole to fish with.

All this to point out, that only one of them built a makeshift boat and only

one seriously went hunting for deer. Everyone else depended solely on

finding fish from their fishing pole or from finding berries and such. 

Water was not a problem as they were all near water and could simply

boil their water to get fresh water to drink. 


The big mistake:

However, after two months, most of them were starving from having

only eaten berries, mushrooms, wild onions, and other things they could

find growing in the area. And even though these did help, over the long

term they didn’t give enough protein and nourishment that they needed.

Each day they were burning up calories and not replacing them.


Even though they would often go fishing, it was harder than they

expected to get a fish, and only the man who made the crude boat

had any success consistently getting them. In addition, only the one who

took hunting the deer seriously had enough food to survive the long haul.


Honestly, I don’t want to put anyone down in the show as I found all their

strategies interesting and each had something unique to “bring to the table”.

I enjoyed watching each of their stories and secretly was rooting for each

of them.


All things considered, survival DEPENDED on them having the vision to
think BIG.  They had to decide to “go deep” to get the fish or venison
they would desperately need. Finally, I hope you remember these things
next time you go trying to survive in the wilderness. And by the way,
don’t forget to bring a lighter along. You never know when you’re going to
need to make a fire to stay warm or boil water.


So if you’re wanting to survive earning from the internet and traveling the world,

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All this to say, if you want success earning on the internet, you’re going

to need help learning the right skills. You also will need the right tools

and persistence. And we’ll be here for you. 


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Talk to you soon!



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Disclosure: The writer of this article in no way represents anyone, anything, or any company related to

the tv show ‘Alone’. He does not condone, condemn or support anything in particular in the show.

This is only his opinion of what he took away and learned from watching the show. Also, he is not a

professional survival expert, so please consult a professional before going into the wild. Thanks.

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